Coming to PAPERBACK!

After an exciting start on Kindle, I'm thrilled that Becoming The Conqueror is on its way to paperback. 
But this exciting project can only reach bookshelves with your help. So check out the project website here to see how you can get your hands on a signed first edition copy of Becoming The Conqueror.


Normandy, 1035AD. Duke Robert has died on pilgrimage, leaving his seven year old son William as his heir. This unprepared boy finds himself thrown into the power games of the great men of Normandy, who do not hesitate to use the most deadly means to gain power. Who can he trust, when every courtly smile could hide a wolf's fangs?

With Normandy's very existence threatened by the ambitions of his bitter rival, the Duke of Anjou, and his cunning overlord, the king of France, William must stand up to rebellions by his own querulous barons and unite Normandy against its enemies.

Only then can he forge his destiny and become the Conqueror.

Don't have a Kindle?

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Useful visual aids

For convenience, some readers may prefer to print off the maps and genealogical trees which are at the beginning of the book. If you have trouble printing these, other versions are available on the Joseph T. Pickett Facebook page.