The Deeds of the Norman Dukes series is a fictional narrative of the lives of William the Conqueror and his sons.

It is heavily based on facts as we understand them, stemming from 4 years of research and visits to the sites where history took place, but naturally contains a number of fictional additions to fill in the gaps, as well as minor amendments to condense the complex events of the time into the pages of a book. Hopefully the story reflects the times as truly as possible.

All history is subject to personal interpretation. The story of William the Conqueror remains divisive to this day. The Deeds of the Norman Dukes makes no attempt at balance; that is the role of the historian. Instead, it portrays the events from William’s own perspective, such as the author has imagined it. The aim of this novel is pure entertainment, yet if it allows the reader to view England and Normandy’s heritage from a fresh point of view that can be no bad thing.

Becoming the Conqueror is the first act in this series.