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Welcome, dear Reader, to the candlelit study of my scribblings.

Here, you can find snippets of additional information which the red editing pen felt best to omit from the books, yet which I found nonetheless interesting. There is also a page full of links to other websites linked to William the Conqueror and the wider Anglo-Norman world. 

Those who have already ready the first volume of William's adventures may wish to follow in his footsteps. Those who haven't may find these downloadable maps and character lists helpful to print out, if reading on Kindle.

For now, permit me, if I may, to invite you to join me on a journey of treachery and defiance. It is the age old story of a boy who has to grow up far too soon. Yet this was no ordinary boy. The child in question is William the Bastard, son of the late duke of Normandy. Let us follow him together through his troubled youth, as he defies the odds to establish his rule, that he may one day become the Conqueror.

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